sometimes the most challenging aspect of a project is tracking and following through on changes-instantly. the key is project management, and the key to project management is clear and concise communication.


here’s where you get from concept to build. projects are modeled fully in 3d before any element hits our fabrication floor-which means we’ve knocked it around and the challenges of bringing the concept alive have already been figured out-and that we’ve already brought you into the process to ensure you get exactly what you’d imagined, as you’d imagined it.


go ahead and defy gravity. we’re ready to imagine creative and elegant solutions to challenging and daring design. sketch-perfect and hd-camera ready down to the last detail. if you can imagine it, we can build it.


need help moving forward? organizing and understanding your project goals? at blackwalnut, we’re ready to help you frame your needs and structure your project. from concept to budget to schedule to fabrication and implementation.


we do get around. blackwalnut’s worked in 11 countries on 5 continents. whether the challenges are cultural, logistical, or both-we’ve been there, done that. our contacts across borders and continents means that we’ve got resources available internationally, 24-7 to get things done and get problems solved. we’ve got you covered, and our passports are ready.