Project Description

When Fox Sports decided to reimagine the environment for their signature NFL coverage with a 360-degree, working studio, they chose blackwalnut. Their live studio environment incorporates two fully-enclosed plexiglass newsrooms, an internally-lit pivoting desk and platform, a striking internally lit dome crowned with a rear-projection screen, dozens of no-bezel monitors arrayed across two massive walls, and no less than six tracking no-bezel monitor arrays to deploy rapidly changing content across the multiple faces of the wrap-around studio.

A project of this size and scope requires an intensity of focus and attention to detail that only a very few fabricators could even begin to touch-blackwalnut produced a crisp, clean and smoothly integrated environment that will serve Fox Sports for years with elegance and ease-of-use. Football, soccer, wrestling-everything runs through Studio A, and blackwalnut’s orange stamp is embedded throughout.