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Head, Electrics Department

blackwalnut is looking for a detail oriented person to step into the role of Set Electrics Department Head, whose primary responsibility is any and all Lighting & Electrical elements installed within Set/Scenic elements. They must be able to collaborate with other professionals in a fast-paced environment, and are capable of self-managing their Department’s priorities.

Draftsperson / Design Engineer

We are looking for experienced technical designers who work in AutoCAD. The position includes converting 2D designer drawings to working 3D models, engineering and creating build drawings for fabrication, CNC programming, and 3D printing. Applicants should have five years of scenic fabrication experience and good problem solving skills. Other 3D modeling experience is a plus. We are also looking for drafting assistants. This position includes plating of drawings, project tracking and planning. Applicants should have two years of AutoCAD experience.

Installer / Site Representative

Installers at blackwalnut are responsible for bringing our finished product to life around the globe. In the lifespan of a project, they’re the closers, and as such are tasked with finishing projects with diligence and efficiency. They’re expected to be calm and collected in high-profile, tight-deadline situations. On site and in front of clients, installers are our representatives: they’re the face of blackwalnut.


To succeed as a Logistics Driver, you should be polite and prompt with a commitment to providing our clients and other businesses with an excellent experience. You should be thorough in ensuring orders are properly fulfilled and committed to work safety.


Fabricators at blackwalnut are the backbone of our company, making the dreams of our clients a reality. They are experienced working with a wide range of materials and finishes including wood, metal, acrylic, and laminate. Working under our foreman and alongside our drafting department, they are tasked to make sure each unit is well built and cleanly finished. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the fabricators each have unique skills they bring to the table, and with each new hire our capabilities expand. We’d love to hear what skills you feel you can bring to the table!

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinators operate as a support function for blackwalnut’s core value proposition of scenery fabrication. It is the Project Coordinator’s responsibility to expedite the fabrication process and finish out projects in a timely and responsible fashion.


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